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New Zealand Student Visa

For a balanced education and lifestyle!

The students who desire a world-class education in New Zealand which happens to be one of the best places to live need to obtain the New Zealand Student Visa. Here you’ll have the opportunity to attain a globally recognized degree in a country with an astonishing lifestyle.
The New Zealand visa requirements are quite dynamic in that it depends on each country's location, the age of applicants, and the duration of their study in New Zealand.
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UK Student Visa Application

For advanced and career-focused education!

Today, the United Kingdom has an advanced educational system that has become the envy of different nationalities, and this has continuously led to an influx of students from various countries around the globe who are looking to undergo various study programs in the UK. Our duty at OSM Consulting is to ensure that our team of competent Immigration consultants assist every aspirant with the right information and professional assistance towards their UK study visa.

UK Student Visa Application Eligibility and Requirements

To obtain the UK student visa, you need to understand the categories, eligibility, and requirements of the application. The eligibility is calculated using a point-based-system called Tier 4. There are two categories of UK student visa, and each type has its eligibility criteria and requirements. Generally, the processing time for the UK student visa is between 3- 4 weeks from the time of application.

US Student Visa Application

For outstanding learning of core disciplines!

Aspirants who intend to study in an institution that is within the confines of the US will need to enroll for the US Student Visa application. It is a necessary process for all international students that the type of US Student visa you will obtain is going to be a function of your aim of the study and the type of school you want to attend.
Generally, this is a streamlined process, and you need to be careful of the kind of information that you have or provide during the application process. OSM-consulting has the best set of Immigration consultants who are well experienced with the US Student visa application and processing together with the possible interview questions that you may be encounter during your Visa interview.
Therefore, we continuously strive to ensure that our client’s application goes through the right process to ensure a hitch-free and successful application.

Types of US Student Visa

Generally, there are two types of US Student visa application and each other them is solely independent of the other and the purpose of these two types of US Student Visa cannot be interchanged. The two types are the F and the M visa class.
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Canada Study Visa

For free public schooling and impressive technical training!

A Canadian study permit is not a visa in itself but is an important document issued to international students across the world, who have an offer of admission from a designated learning institution in Canada at the time of application. The process of getting a visa to study in Canada is quite different from other countries because, in Canada, you’ll need to undergo two stages of Visa procurement.
The first stage which is the most important one is to obtain a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this gives you access to get a temporary resident visa or an electronic travel authorization (ETA). It is very crucial for you to understand and make available the necessary documents you need to apply for a study permit before you travel to Canada.

Australia Study Visa

For modern education and high standard living!

The Australia study visa is a fantastic opportunity to explore the unique lifestyle and study in an outstanding educational environment in Australia. The country has an exceptional University, colleges, and also English training schools for international students who want to experience a quality education.
You need to obtain an Australian student Visa once your program exceeds three months. Applicants who study any of the following courses are eligible for an Australia Visa; English language, University programs, or vocational studies.
OSM Consulting has a team of Immigration counselors, who provide free assistance on the right colleges and application programs that will suit your desired pursuit. Our agents in Australia Study Programs are well versed with the colleges and universities and will provide you with the pathway of scaling the tactical process of the Australia Student Visa application. You can kindly contact our counselors for more information about your program.
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