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Making future work for everyone, and everywhere

OSM Consulting Group is India’s emerging staffing and placement company. We lead by example, creating shared value that fuels economies and builds better societies. Our culture of inclusivity, entrepreneurship, and teamwork empowers our employees and clients.

We are a team of recruiting experts with an excellent track record of delivering world-class staffing, recruiting, and candidate placement services to employers and job seekers.

We skill, develop, and hire top talent, enabling organizations to embrace the future of work.

OSM focuses on

  Helping job seekers uncover and showcase their hidden talents!
  Helping employers find exceptional employees!
  Making it easy for job seekers and employers to connect!

Industry Expert Recruiters - To Eliminate Costly Hiring Errors!

In an environment where most of the hiring decisions turn out to be hiring mistakes, (costing companies thousands of dollars in turnover and retraining), you can’t afford to hire casually or without a plan.
Our candidate vetting, skills are keenly designed to make a difference to your HIRING SUCCESS!

Customized solutions and services - To Meet Your Needs and Budget!

No business or business challenge is quite the same. With a sharp focus on “making a difference” our service packages are customized to each client’s specific needs, service preferences, and budget constraints.
We are large enough to have the expertise to deliver world-class service but small enough to do things YOUR WAY!

Why Should You Choose OSM Consulting?

  Short duration courses curated to maximize your return on time invested in learning.
  Course content customized to local market needs and global best practices.
  Qualified trainers who are subject matter experts with deep industry expertise
  Training environments designed to deliver professional learning experiences

Personality Development Training

OSM Consulting is a Leading Personality Development Training company based in Hyderabad offering you to go ahead with personality development services including training, sounding board, and follow-up.

We are well recognized for developing and delivering world-class certified training courses that are used by organizations and professionals to enhance their business and careers.

Whether the goal is to train professionals for greater productivity at work or to enhance your own job prospects, you are guaranteed to find courses at OSM Consulting for achieving more and succeeding faster.

Whether at home, work or in social conditions, we will all do superior and be happier by growing ourselves as people. Our range of personal development skills go accurate to the spirit of getting improved, more dynamic relationships with people, and accomplishing more with our time.

We have designed a number of modules that you can undertake for your own personal development. These courses are designed to assist you to cultivate in understanding and self-assurance across a range of fields. The focus is on personal growth and development and these courses offer prospects for you to enhance yourself.

IELTS Training

Our IELTS course is designed to offers both classroom and virtual training setup focused on both language skills and exam techniques. We offer multiple mock test sessions and feedback sessions for Academic & General Training.


Today’s job market is changing rapidly. As we BUILD BACK BETTER (post-COVID-19), job seekers would want to get to work quickly; while employers will prefer more flexible staffing solutions. The right staffing agency will help you navigate through these changes and make a BIG DIFFERENCE for both employers and jobseekers.